Lasko Heaters

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Lasko Tower Heater

The Lasko Tower Heater has a wide variety of models with the best in modern technology features. When it comes to wall to wall heating the Lasko Tower Heater will out any heater of its kind. It has some of the top safety feature available and has the best heating range for a heater of its size. Those cold winter nights don’t stand a chance against the Lakso Tower Heater.  It is a great space savers and very compact. The afford-ability is beyond any other when it comes to how much heat you get for the price. The price range from $25 to $75 and now are offered in a two pack bundle for $69. Now that you cant beat.

This style is a favorite of the RV and Camper world. Take it on vacation and it will supply a complete heating system to your camper or RV. That means no more cold nights at camp. Even if its raining and cant get the campfire lit. When the vacation is over bring it on home and have a snug TV night with the family while  your Lasko Tower Heater warms up the whole Living room. Some models can heat up to 500 square feet using only 1500 watts of power.

They all come on a footprint pedi-stool and range from 2 to 3 feet tall. Like other Lasko Heaters they also have options like oscillating fans, remote controls, programmable thermostats, timers, and an easy carry handle. The safety features include an auto shut off in case its bumped or turned over and will shut down in the case that it overheats. All models are stylish and can fit just about anywhere. Your friends and family wont help but notice how quiet and warm your Lasko Tower Heater is. Here are a few of the popular models.

    Model 5790 : This is the base model of the Lasko Tower Heater line and great for any use. It has a wide range Oscillation fan, Auto-off timer, 1500 watts of cozy, Electronic Thermostat, Remote Control and built in safety features. Stands 22 in.

    Model 5592 : This is the more sleek model. It is very modern and has add a great look to any room of the house. This model comes with all the same futures as the base model as well as Touch Controls and a 8 hour shut off timer. Stands 33 in.

    Model 5119 : This small but powerful unit comes with Save-Smart Technology that is a automatic energy saver. It has a digital touch screen and all the same features as Model 5592. This unit could sit on the floor or up on a table. Being only 20 in. tall makes this one of the most portable and effective of the Lasko Tower Heater line.

Like all other Lasko Heaters they all come with a 3 year warranty. Thats the best thing about American based companies. You know where your product comes from and you know where to send it when things go wrong.